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  • Build and integrate better, more homogenously focused, tighter teams

  • Manage diversity with improved multicultural abilities

  • Minimize interpersonal conflict

  • Optimize communication

  • Maximize productivity

Organizational Coaching team building
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"Nobody is perfect, but a team can be"

Meredith Belbin

The powerful intervention of our Organizational Coaching in the system of the team does not only affect it positively, but it also bears consequences in the competential evolution of its members on an individual level, given its systemic approach.

"To say that my fate is not tied to yours is like saying: «your end of the boat is sinking»"

Hugh Downs

The main objective of Organizational Coaching is achieving the conscience and evolution of the team as a system of its own:

Before PCI Coaching
After PCI Coaching

"As individuals we are all important; as a team we are invincible"


Team Dysfunctions

Organizational Coaching empowers teams to resolve the 5 main dysfunctions of a system, which are:


The bottom element produces and sustains the upper one, in every case.

Eventually, every team shows a series of dysfunctions that are the result of the environment or market in which it operates, the culture of the organization it subscribes to, and the nature and personality of its own members.

For practical purposes our Organizational Coaching is great to:

  • Make the team aware of its own reality

  • Become the change catalyzer for the team

  • Facilitate the flux of energy, roles and functions within the team

  • Unlock teams that are jammed

  • Establish new horizons of possibility for the team

  • Create alliances and agreements for the team

  • Provoke the awareness of the team of its own systemic behavior

  • Bring out and manage hidden conflicts, frictions and difficult situations

  • Clarify the team’s goals and objectives

  • Boost the production of problem-solving alternatives by the team

  • Reinforce and clarify the team’s strong points as well as its areas of improvement

  • Make the team discover the values that support it

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