PCI Coaching

PCI Coaching is a powerful method to achieve concrete, extraordinary and fast results, based on the accompaniment, guide and intervention of a professional Coach and supported by vast and proven psychological and transformational processes. It enables a person (client) to work on the way he/she relates with him/herself as to face any challenge and objective. It expands and streamlines his/her options and response capacity before problems, situations, and goals. This supposes the identification and modification of beliefs, use of language, values, emotions and priorities with respect to his/her objectives and their experience with them. Our Coaching generates a different conscience, learning and immediate and differentiated action, oriented to their personal and professional goals and, as a result, a transformation in his/her way of being, thinking and doing to take on their problematic and particular objectives starting from this process.

In order to face the high and exigent demands of the world today Coaching has become an essential and indispensable work methodology, based on its optimization approach, that accompanies the client to think and act differently with the aim of boosting his/her performance, exploiting their competencies and reaching his/her maximum power of achievement.

In the Coaching process learning takes places in the challenge and transformation of the client’s thinking, feeling and action paradigms.

The great transformational power of PCI Coaching resides precisely in the strength and plenitude acquired by the client when realizing that all of the possibilities and resources are already within him/her, and if something should still be missing, we will show them the most effective way to get it. It is through the unconditional accompaniment, guidance and intervention by the PCI Coach that the client perceives the confidence, acceptance and validation as sources of energy and leverage, necessary to successfully undertake his/her change in thinking and action.

So, what is PCI Coaching?

In short: the transformation, enrichment, wellbeing and development of the client.

In technical terms: psychological methodology centered in transformation and results.

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"Human beings can get anything they set their minds to, and all they have to do is act on it, traveling the path between where they are and where they want to be"


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